Since its development over 50 years ago, Siplast SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) modified bituminous roofing systems have been applied over all types of deck constructions in the extremelty varied weather conditions of more than 40 countries. Siplast offers complete roofing and weatherproofing solutions that include all of the accessory components necessary to build a great system with guarantees up to 30 years.

Siplast is the only commercial manufacturer to offer a roof system that combines SBS-modified bitumen membranes with the added benefits of lightweight insulating concrete.  Siplast lightweight insulating concrete providies a stable monolithic surface for the roof membrane system while impeding the extreme temperature fluctuations that can lead to membrane fatigue. 

Used together Siplast SBS-modified bitumen roof membranes and Siplast lightweight insulating concrete systems result in a longer lasting roof. Additionally, since Siplast lightweight insulating concrete systems are re-roofable, you will realize significant savings over the life of the building.

KPC has awarded contracts to seven different providers of SBS modified bituminous roofing.  We believe these providers represent some of the best in the industry and we encourage you to consider utilizing the KPC contract for your next roofing project.